13-15 May 2020


In times of unprecedented crisis, procurement becomes a critical function to help companies address both the immediate requirements to maintain business operations, and to ensure the company is stronger than ever once we emerge from the crisis. That’s why we believe that coming together as a community to share knowledge, best practices and success stories is more important than ever to ensure business continuity and keep delivering value.
PL React & Interact is an interactive virtual forum which addressed, through up-to-the-minute real-life case studies, interactive discussions and topic led roundtable discussions, how to best navigate through the different phases of the crisis. Guided by Procurement Leaders’ sharp take on market developments, sourced from its global community, PL React & Interact drew on the expertise of proven procurement leaders, affording a live and dynamic platform for insight and knowledge exchange.

PL React & Interact isn’t a webinar, it’s a virtual forum

A bespoke and interactive networking experience

Our tailored breakout sessions allow you to deep-dive into your topic of interest with other like-minded market leaders and engage in an interactive discussion about your goals and strategies.

Analyse real-life case studies and success stories

Learn from the success stories and best practice case studies from market-leading organisations. Take away valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t to apply to your own function. 

CPO Challenger Series (CPO-only sessions)

Network with other senior leaders in a similar position to you about the strategies, topics and challenges your function is facing, and how to overcome them. A virtual space for truly excellent thought-leadership content. 


Reacting and responding to the current crisis

Assess the financial impact of the current crisis, as well as the effect on suppliers.

Delivering in a downturn

Your strategic plans for supply chain reconfiguration & supply continuity

Functional Excellence

C-suite realignment and driving efficiencies & critical categories considerations

The forum speakers included

Len DeCandia, CPO, Johnson & Johnson

Dave Ingram, CPO, Unilever

Kaustubh Wadekar, CPO, Singtel

Herve Le Faou, CPO, Heineken

Taryn Thompson, CPO, Bank of America

Ruth Bromley, Director Global Procurement Enablement, Heineken

Kai Nowosel, CPO, Accenture

Markus Mirgeler, CPO, Clariant

Salvatore Bernabei, CPO, Enel

Fabienne Lesbros, Board member of Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl, Vodafone

Shahid Javed, Global CPO, JLL

Kelly Irwin, CPO, China Navigation

Jean-Yves Krummenacher, VP Regions & Innovations, Danone

Ronald Wright, CPO, KAR Global

Madeleine Baker, Director, Procurement – IT, External Labor and Business Products & Services, Telus Corporation

Mariam Saad, Director, Telus Corporation

Stephan Wilckens, Head of Productivity/Portfolio & Performance Management Global Procurement, Roche

Martin Schlageter, Group Finance Head Treasury Operations, Roche

Christophe Villain, Head of Procurement Excellence, Nestlé

Magnus Hall, CEO, Vattenfall