Read the key event takeaways and insights from our global community

DAY 1 HIGHLIGHTS (9am-12pm ET I 2pm-5pm BST)

Breakout sessions
Interactive sessions facilitated by our partners and a senior procurement representative. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose which challenge they wish to address ahead of the event, creating a unique and bespoke manage risk

  • Accelerating digital: How do we identify cost saving opportunities and the role of technology 
  • Driving Sustainability: Addressing 2030 sustainability targets for procurement
  • Keeping up with the pace of business change: Scenario modeling, effective monitoring of supply and demand levers
  • Innovating out of a crisis

Insights from the ecosystem
During this session delegates will hear from a leading partner from within the procurement ecosystem on how to work with external stakeholders and suppliers to appropriately react and respond to current and future challenges facing procurement and supply chains.

DAY 2 HIGHLIGHTS (9am-12pm ET I 2pm-5pm BST)

CPO spotlight: Reacting and responding to a crisis
Protecting the workforce, business, and supply chain in a time of crisis to manage risk

    • How to effectively communicate with stakeholders both internally and externally
    • How to map and monitor risks throughout supply chains
    • How to develop a plan to prioritise purchasing efforts and re-routing of logistics networks to keep supply chains running
    • How to protect employees and continue to nurture talent
  • Herve Le Faou, CPO, Heineken
  • Ruth Bromley, Director Global Procurement Enablement, Heineken

DAY 3 HIGHLIGHTS (2am-5am ET I 7am-10am BST I 2pm-5pm SST)

Building resilient partnerships through value to manage risk

  • How to showcase your value when no one is listening 
  • How to align your goals and your stakeholder’s goals to meet overall company objectives

Member stories and Q&A

This session will offer our members the opportunity to share their insights and take-aways on a specific project or case study they are or have undertaken.

Our speakers are senior leaders at top global companies

Len DeCandia, CPO, Johnson & Johnson

Dave Ingram, CPO, Unilever

Kaustubh Wadekar, CPO, Singtel

Herve Le Faou, CPO, Heineken

Taryn Thompson, CPO, Bank of America

Ruth Bromley, Director Global Procurement Enablement, Heineken

Kai Nowosel, CPO, Accenture

Markus Mirgeler, CPO, Clariant

Salvatore Bernabei, CPO, Enel

Fabienne Lesbros, Board member of Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl, Vodafone

Shahid Javed, Global CPO, JLL

Kelly Irwin, CPO, China Navigation

Jean-Yves Krummenacher, VP Regions & Innovations, Danone

Ronald Wright, CPO, KAR Global

Madeleine Baker, Director, Procurement – IT, External Labor and Business Products & Services, Telus Corporation

Mariam Saad, Director, Telus Corporation

Stephan Wilckens, Head of Productivity/Portfolio & Performance Management Global Procurement, Roche

Martin Schlageter, Group Finance Head Treasury Operations, Roche

Christophe Villain, Head of Procurement Excellence, Nestlé

Magnus Hall, CEO, Vattenfall